What is Harry Romana studio?

We are an Cr a book (editorial). So to give a customer an estimate for a project, we'll at least need to know the following:
What is the image being used for?alifornia -based cutting-edge photography studio, specializing in commercial photography of Fashion , products, , Tear sheet & catalog items.

What makes Harry Romana studio better than any other photographic company?

Speed of delivery – Our clients receive photos in days, not weeks. You can’t find that kind of promptness anywhere else.
Quality of work – We give individual attention to each photograph; no conveyor-belt photography here!
Passion for technically-challenging projects – We thrive on photographic challenges. Extremely small objects, food, drinks, liquids, – you name it, we’ve done it. Need motion photography? That’s our domain! High-speed photos? You won’t find a more experienced team than ours. Enough said.

Competitive pricing – We are the best at producing exceptional photography, while using inexpensive (yet sophisticated) gear and simple setup. Harry ’s engineering knowledge, in-depth understanding of the physics of light, and personal perfectionism help him and the team find the simplest and most efficient solution for any problem we may encounter during the photo session. All these factors allow us to keep our pricing very competitive.

Do you shoot on-location?

Our team travels to locations throughout California with full studio lighting and backgrounds to shoot professional photography in offices, machine shops, warehouses, stores and anywhere our clients need us. However, we prefer to work in our studio, where it is easier to keep lighting under full control.

How much does your photography cost?

As always in professional photography, usage rights have the most influence on the cost of a project. That means a one-hour photo session may cost up to 5 times more if the resulti ng photos will be used for advertising, as opposed to being used fo

How many images do you need?

Will all the images be used for the same purpose?

For how long will they be used?

Where will the images appear?

How large will the images appear?

Keep in mind that we are quite flexible, always trying to fit the client's budget, if possible. We strive to be as efficient as we can, never wasting your time or money. (See above on why we are the best!)

What format will the photos be in?

Usually we provide hi-resolution uncompressed TIFF files. Conversion to JPEG is available for free per customer’s request. Also, if you need smaller size photos for the web, we'll be glad to decrease the size for you (free of charge), as we know how to do it without losing quality.

Can I receive a CD or DVD with my photos?

Yes, we can send a free CD or DVD with selected photos on your request. We’ll ship it on the same day that your photos are ready.

What if I only need one photo for an ad?

That’s not a problem at all, you can have just one photo. However, in order to create a single perfect photo, we will need to spend one or more hours shooting, depending on the complexity of the project, shooting conditions and many other factors. As a result you will have from 10 to 100 photos to select your "perfect one" from. Only this way we can guarantee out customers will be satisfied.

Do you provide Raw files?

Usually we do not provide a camera raw to a customer. However, Raw files are available upon request. Because post-processing is a major development step for modern digital photography, we want to provide you with final, clean, possibly retouched images.

Is there an agency or volume discount on services?

Yes, we do have a flexible discount options for our customers.

When is payment due?

Payment is due days of the photo session, per our agreement. We can always adjust the agreement, allowing the customer to pay according to their company's internal schedule.

Can you mention some of the companies you have completed assignments for?

Yes, there is a list on the bottom of this page.

We need some photo work, but we are not in the California area. Can you still help us?

Absolutely. You can simply ship the items you want photographed to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What is your photography style?

We’re known for clean, crisp and razor-sharp photography. Bright colors and a fresh look are our trademark.

Do you shoot people, events or weddings?

Usually we shoot people as a part of a product assignment. We shoot people in the studio for business portraits and fashion layouts. We never photograph weddings. Harry doesn’t feel that weddings are his passion, and in photography, as in any art form, passion is key.
We also typically do not do "personal" photography, but if you really like us and want us to make you look like a celebrity, we might make an exception for you!

Explaining Rights

Here are the most common licenses our customers buy:

One Time Rights

One time use means that the entity buying the license can use your image "one time," for one specified project.
This right is commonly licensed to magazines, newspapers, and similar periodicals.

Editorial/Serial Rights

Images may be used in a single article/publication in a single periodical/magazine.

Limited Rights

Reproduction and use of images is limited by time, territory or specific campaign/client. Applicable limits are clearly stated on the invoice and/or in the accompanying paperwork.

Unlimited Rights

Reproduction and use of images is not limited by time, territory or client/campaign. Original imagery is permanently released to the client.

First Rights (Non-exclusive)
Client has the first rights to use the images in any way. Following a certain time period (typically one year), rights to images may be given to other clients. Non-exclusive rights mean that the licenser has a specific set of rights at the same time someone else has them as well.

Unlimited Exclusive Rights
Unlimited exclusive rights allow broad utilization of images across all media types and parameters.

Buy Out

Buy out means that buyers have rights for exclusive use in addition to unrestricted use.
Buy Out is a slang term, often misinterpreted as a transfer of copyright ownership of a work from the copyright holder to the client. In the absence of a specific copyright transfer agreement executed by the copyright holder, there is no copyright transfer.
For more information please read www.asmp.org/tutorials/terms-you-need-know

NOTE: If you have any questions about the legal issues surrounding our photographic project for you, please ask us when booking your session.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Harry Romana studio. offers a satisfaction guaranteed policy, ensuring that your images will be of the correct exposure, resolution, focus and subject matter required for your business. If these criteria are not met, we’ll re-shoot for free.

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