Fashion Photography

Just like fashion, fashion photography comes in a wide variety of shapes and forms. Our team is dedicated to capturing clothing and fashion brands in innovative and creative ways, whether it is a model wearing the clothes or a mannequin.
There is an intense process behind creating the perfect shot, with a detailed briefing session, model casting, hair, makeup and styling all coming into play. Our fashion photographers and project managers’ work in unison to ensure a smooth and successful photo shoot that our clients are happy with, every step of the way.
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Catalogue Photography

The appeal of catalogue photography
Catalogues have been around for many years. They were around way before online shopping existed, with retailers sending thick, glossy catalogues which showcased their product range to its customer mailing list. The customer would then flip through the catalogue, choose the items they want to buy, fill out the order form and post it back eagerly awaiting their new purchases.
Buying habits may have significantly changed with the growth of internet usage, but catalogues are still a popular promotional tool. It’s just rather than the customer having to order through the post, they can now do it online as well.
While some things have changed, the need for high quality catalogue photography has not. When you look through a catalogue, whether it’s print or online, you expect to see lots of impressive images of the retailer’s product range which aim to whet your shopping appetite. The catalogue photos help to sell the product by visually displaying its features, and can play a big part in whether a customer decides buy it or not. Catalogues cover everything from fashion, furniture, tools and computer equipment, but whatever they are promoting, the catalogue photography needs to successfully present the product at its most appealing.
The role of the catalogue photographer is to enhance the product’s attractiveness to create interest from potential customers. The do this by spending hours setting up the shot ensuring the lighting, composition and background are just right to make the product sellable. A key technique is to use a plain or white background so that it brings attention to the product and highlights the detail. A busy background risks the product getting overshadowed by unwanted elements.
A poor quality image can make the product look inferior and detract customers away from even considering purchasing it, so it is essential to get professional catalogue photographers to shoot the catalogue photography for you. After all, what business would want to risk driving customers away?

Tear sheet Photography

In advertising, a tear sheet is a page cut or torn from a publication to prove to the client that the advertisement was published. Media buying agencies are often required by clients to provide tear sheets along with a post analysis of any advertising campaign. The publishers of any periodical are legally required to provide a tear sheet upon request of any advertiser. With the emergence of online advertising tear sheets often now appear in the form of PDF, known as a "virtual tear sheet".
In finance, a tear sheet provides a one-page summary of a company or portfolio, containing current and historic information on the company such as market cap, sector, graph of historic share price. They can also be referred to as "Fund Fact Sheets" or "Ditos".

Product Photography

Product photography is one area of focus for commercial photographers. Other areas of expertise include: Life-style photography, food photography, architectural photography and portraiture. Commercial probably is often defined as any photography for which the photographer is paid for taking and possibly Photoshop retouching of images.
The commercial photographic world usually refers to advertising photography. That is photography made to illustrate and usually sell a service or product. These images are generally done with an advertising agency, design firm or with an in-house corporate design team using either traditional film and developing techniques or digital cameras with images that can be directly imported into computers for use in designs and layouts.

Photography Assignment Process

1. Pricing: Our pricing has been developed based on a variety of factors. Every shoot is different and requires different preparation, scouting, and post-production process. Please answer the questions in our “Quote” section for an estimate specific to your needs. We also charge an hourly creative fee for the photo shoot, pre- and post-production time, travel time and usage rights fees. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us for details.
Note: The photo session interview form you send us should be as detailed as possible. It should include the estimated number of images and details about where those images will be used (i.e. books, magazines, advertising, brochures, web site etc.). We will contact you if there's anything we need to specify.

2. After you fill out the form, we'll send you an estimate for the project along with our agreement. Prior to scheduling your photo-session on our calendar, we require a 50% deposit. The balance is due upon completion of the work.
When we receive a signed estimate with the agreement and deposit, we will schedule your photo session.

3. After the shoot (usually the same or next day), we'll prepare a proofs gallery for you. Your proofs are uploaded to our web-server and the web address (URL) is e-mailed to you. Your proofs stay on the server for 20 days (longer by agreement) to give you time to choose. Proofs are lo-res batch converted jpeg files for selection only and should not be considered as representing final quality!

4. Once you have selected the images and sent us the ID of the ones you selected, we will create the hi-res TIFF image files. These are all given individual attention and are cropped, color-balanced, cleaned, and retouched by hand.

5. Delivery of TIFF and/or JPEG files is normally made using an FTP site or e-mail. Delivery of CD or DVD is available free, upon request.

Form for assignment photography
Pricing has been developed based on a variety of factors. Every shoot is different, and requires different preparation scouting and post-Production. Please answer the question below and Call us for estimate specific to your needs. I change an hourly creative fee for the photo shoot, pre and postproduction time and usage rights Fees.

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